Ceramic Coating Atlanta

Never Wax Again With Up To 10 Years Of Protection
Achieve a decade of shine and resistance to the elements with Apogee's selection of 3 leading coating brands: Ceramic Pro, GTECHNIQ, and Feynlab
Trained & Certified With Over A Decade Of Experience
We've spent the last decade testing and installing nano coatings. During that time we've gained certifications from over 5 leading brands.
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Unrivalled Ceramic COating Installer

We have ceramic coatings available with durability lasting anywhere between 1 to 10 years all while eliminating the need to wax your car through that period. We carry some of the highest quality ceramic car coating brands on the market including Ceramic Pro, Gtechniq Crystal Serum, Feynlab, Opti-Coat, GYEON, and XPEL Fusion.

Ceramic Coatings are at the pinnacle of paint protection available on the market today. These coatings become the new membrane of your paint and provide protection against light marring, UV rays, oxidation, chemical etching, stains and more. Ceramic paint coatings create an hydrophobic layer that provide a high level of gloss that is unmatched by any traditional wax or paint sealant on the market. Supplement your coating with one of our paint protection film.

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Apogee Ceramic Coating Installation

You're In Good Hands

For the past de­cade, Apogee has dedicated conside­rable time to testing and using the­ most advanced nano-ceramic coatings available. We have exte­nsively researche­d renowned brands like Ce­ramic Pro, GTECHNIQ, Feynlab, and many more. With our expertise and knowle­dge, we can offer your ve­hicle the nece­ssary protection to withstand Atlanta's challenging weathe­r conditions.

Our Featured Coatings: Ceramic Pro, Gtechniq, and Feynlab

Ceramic Pro

Protection For More Than Just Paint

Ceramic Coatings can provide protection for other areas of your vehicle. We have coatings available for glass that helps repel dust and water which also increases visibility while driving in rain and other inclement weather.  

We have specific coatings for the vehicles interior leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and carpet. This can help protect against premature cracking, aging, fading, staining and color transfer.

Applying a ceramic coating to the wheels keeps them cleaner for longer periods of time by repelling brake dust and makes cleaning the wheels a breeze. We are the most experience and certified installers to ensure your vehicle has the best most durable protection.

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Coating installation on BMW SUV

Benefits Of Our Automotive Coatings

A Brand New Shine That Doesn't Disappear
Self-Cleaning Effect For Easy Mainteance
Lifetime Warranty
Can Increase Resale Value
Prevents etching From Bird-droppings, Bug Splatters
Performance For Years Not Months


Over the years we have developed procedures to ensure each installation enables the coating to achieve its full performance and durability. We start with an alkaline wash to strip the paint of contaminants followed by a mechanical decontamination using a deionizing spray combined with a clay bar. We then sterilize the clear-coat prior to coating your vehicle. For those with a discerning eye and a desire for perfection, we perform a paint correction to remove paint defects such as swirls, scratches, marring and holograms through the use of various machine polishers, compounds and polishes. With our paint corrections service, we ensure the ceramic coating is installed on a near flawless finish free of swirls and fine scratches.

What Are The Real Advantages of Installing A Ceramic Coating?

Adding a ceramic coating to your car's bodywork provides extra protection against wear and tear, keeping the exterior paintwork looking new for longer. This means less maintenance work will be needed while maintaining a like-new appearance.

Get That Waxed Look All The Time

Using Ceramic Coatings will provide your car with a deep, shiny gloss. After a single wash, the true brilliance of your car will be evident, making it appear as if you had just applied a fresh coat of wax that day.

Protection That Pays For Itself

By using a ceramic coating on your car's exterior, you can prevent cosmetic degradation from building up, which can increase your car's resale value in the future. This means that the cost of the product and installation can be partially recovered over the years. Check out this video of CQUARTZ D.Q significantly reducing swirl-mark from a heavy-duty automatic car wash.

Saves You Time With Less Maintenance Needed

Ceramic coatings provide special anti-stick and hydrophobic features that protect your vehicle from harm caused by brake dust, dirt, bird droppings, acid rain, and other pollutants. By preventing these contaminants from sticking to your car's paint, the coatings decrease the frequency of washing and waxing required to maintain a good condition.

Protection Against UV Rays, Oxidization, Staining, and Etching

If a car is regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions and sunlight, its paint job will gradually start to oxidize, causing it to fade, bleach, or peel. By applying Ceramic Coatings, the harmful effects of UV rays can be minimized and the pace of oxidization can be slowed down.

In addition to the sun, you should be aware of chemical staining in Orlando. The environment has naturally occurring acidic contaminants that can cause harm. To protect your vehicle's exterior, a Ceramic Car Coating provides a chemically resistant surface that prevents or reduce damage from these contaminants.


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