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We have ceramic coatings available with durability lasting anywhere between 1 to 7 years all while eliminating the need to wax your car through that period. We carry some of the highest quality ceramic car coating brands on the market including Ceramic Pro, Opti Coat Pro & Pro Plus, Gtechniq Crystal Serum, and Feynlab.

Ceramic Coatings are at the pinnacle of paint protection available on the market today. These coatings become the new membrane of your paint and provide protection against light marring, UV rays, oxidation, chemical etching, stains and more. Ceramic paint coatings create an hydrophobic layer that provide a high level of gloss that is unmatched by any traditional wax or paint sealant on the market.

Ceramic Coatings can provide protection for other areas of your vehicle. We have coatings available for glass that helps repel dust and water which also increases visibility while driving in rain and other inclement weather.  We have specific coatings for the vehicles interior leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and carpet. This can help protect against premature cracking, aging, fading, staining and color transfer. Applying a ceramic coating to the wheels keeps them cleaner for longer periods of time by repelling brake dust and makes cleaning the wheels a breeze. We are the most experience and certified installers to ensure your vehicle has the best most durable protection.

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Other Ceramic Car Coating Specifications

Ceramic coating have anti-static properties that helps to repel dust particles thus helping to keep your car cleaner for longer periods of time. The self-cleaning natures of ceramic coatings also aids in making washing your car much easier.

Feynlab Self Heal Plus and Self Heal Lite are two of the most advanced Nano ceramic paint coatings on the market. Not only do they have all the benefits of traditional ceramic coatings, but Feynalab Self Heal Plus and Self Heal Lite can heal from light scratches and marring - a characteristic that used to be exclusive to Paint Protection Films. This is done when the coating is exposed to temperature greater than sixty degrees Celsius.

Prior to the installation, we perform a paint correction to remove paint defects such as swirls, scratches, marring and holograms through the use of various machine polishers, compounds and polishes. With our paint corrections service, we ensure the ceramic coating is installed on a near flawless finish free of swirls and fine scratches.

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Nancy Frazier

"Wonderful work!! I called them on Tuesday, he came to my office on Thursday and was able to bring my baby back to life. Took great care of the leather. She's GLOWING!"

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"They're always thorough with the detailing especially the exterior. Make my paint job just pop.if you're thinking about getting a detail go with APOGEE."

Theresa H.

“We arranged for him to come today and after Bennie did some magic to my car, my car looks flawless again.

Natasha Lobban-Malone

Quality service at a great price!! They were awesome.  They were able to accommodate my last minute request, and did a great job!!  Car looks awesome!! Would use and recommend them to everyone.

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