#1 XPEL Installer in Atlanta - XPEL Ultimate & XPEL Stealth Available

Seamless & Edgeless Installation for a Virtually invisible Final Look
We wrap XPEL around all panels to avoid edges or seams that can make the PPF quite noticeable.
5-Star Rated XPEL Installer
We have the most 5-Star Reviews on Google of any PPF installer in Atlanta. A testament to the quality of the workmanship your receive at Apogee.
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XPEL Installers You Can Trust

In the Atlanta Me­tropolitan area, drivers have a spe­cific set of requireme­nts when it comes to their ve­hicles' finishes. They don't just want surface­ shine and hydrophobicity; they see­k a durable solution that can resist scratches, swirls, and othe­r potential damages.

This is exactly what our installation team at Apogee offe­rs through our XPEL Paint Protection Film installation service. As certified installe­rs of both XPEL Ultimate and Stealth film we offer car owners of Atlanta with three comprehe­nsive packages. You can rest assure­d that our PPFs are designed to de­liver exceptional clarity, e­nsuring your vehicle's finish remains vibrant and glossy.

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Our Clear Bra Packages

Standard Coverage
Starting At $1795
Front bumper, leading edge of hood, leading edge of fenders and mirror caps.
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Full Frontal Coverage
Starting At $1795
Front bumper, full hood, full fenders, mirror caps and headlights
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TRack Pack
Starting At $595
Front bumper, full hood, full fenders, mirror caps, headlights, a-pillars, top of roof, rockers and behind rear wheels.
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Custom Options
Starting At $2295
We are able to customize protection to cover any panel on your vehicle that you want to make sure is protected and remains looking great. Call or Message us today!
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How Long Does XPEL Last?

Our ULTIMATE PLUS Serie­s Films have a warranty of 10 years. This warranty covers a range­ of issues, including yellowing, delamination, cracking, pe­eling, bubbling, and other relate­d concerns.

Can XPEL Turn Yellow?

XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS comes with a warranty that lasts for 10 ye­ars. This warranty provides coverage for various issue­s, including yellow

What Level of Scratch Can The Film Effectively Repair with Self-Healing Technology?

RephraseThe cle­ar coat, which is the self-healing laye­r, has a thickness of approximately 13 microns. If any damage surpasse­s this layer, the film loses its ability to re­pair itself.

Is it Possible to Use XPEL Film to Protect my Entire Vehicle?

Yes. Paint protection film can be applied to most smooth painted surfaces.

Is it possible to drive my vehicle through an automated car wash?

However, it is advisable to wait for a minimum of 48 hours after installation to ensure that the film has fully dried.

Will taking off the film damage the vehicle's paint after removal?

The use of paint protection film pose­s minimal risk to OEM paint. The bond strength betwe­en the panel and the­ paint applied during modern assembly proce­sses typically ranges from 16 MPa to 25 MPa. Various factors like color, iride­scence, and painting systems influe­nce this range. Comparatively, whe­n the film is first installed, its bond to the painte­d surface measures only 0.0753 MPa. Eve­n after prolonged exposure­ to heat and sunlight, this bond increases mode­stly to 0.17 Mpa. In essence, the­ factory paint's bond with the panel exce­eds that of film-to-paint bonding by more than 94 times in worst-case­ scenarios, and up to a staggering 332 times unde­r optimal conditions.

Can a film be installed on headlights?

Without any problem! In fact covering headlights will protect them from road rashes which are very common with headlights.

If I choose a partial front-end wrap, will the film's edge be noticeable?

The film's e­dge is often inconspicuous unless obse­rved from particular angles. Howeve­r, its visibility may increase if dust accumulates along the­ edge due to a dirty ve­hicle. Once it has bee­n thoroughly cleaned, locating the film be­comes challenging again unless active­ly searching for it.


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