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World's Only Self Healing Coating

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FEYNLAB™ Self Healing technology was developed in order to eliminate micro-swirls and fine scratches which are inevitable given enough time, even with the strongest or hardest coating on the market (which we coincidentally manufacture). The inevitability of these fine scratches, even when the utmost precaution is taken, is really why this product was developed. The coating will heal itself instantly if heated to above 60 degrees Celcius, removing all fine scratches and micro swirls. At room temperature scratches will heal over a number of days.

Self Heal Plus

FEYNLAB’s pedigree product, developed with extensive field testing and refinement, it is the only true Self-Healing coating available on the market!

Though proclaiming it as the greatest development in coating technology since the invention of paint, maybe an exaggeration, this system is certainly the clearest demonstration of how advanced our nanotechnology is compared to all other suppliers of car care products.

Self Heal Light

FEYNLAB™ HEAL LITE is a lighter version of HEAL PLUS with shorter application times, while sacrificing some heal-ability.

Ceramic Plus

FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC PLUS is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology.


FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC is a high solids, extremely durable, and glossy coating.

Ceramic Lite

Ceramic Lite is the “original” and most proven paint protection system. It has been applied to over 60,000 cars (as of Dec. 2016) under various private labels. It is extremely durable, glossy and hydrophobic. It is also the easiest Ceramic coating to apply.

Ceramic Wheel & Caliper

FEYNLAB™ CERAMIC WHEEL AND CALIPER was specifically designed for the higher temperature environment that wheels and break calipers are exposed to. It is has much higher solids content of over 70%, this means it forms an extremely thick and durable coating.


Re-polymerizes the surface of plastics, which permanently restores faded plastic parts back to looking like new.

Leather Treatment

Ceramified leather treatment, durable and long lasting leather conditioning.

Textile Coating

A hybrid silica/fluoro textile coating specifically developed for durability as well as oleo and hydro-phobicity.

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What they say about us
Nancy Frazier

"Wonderful work!! I called them on Tuesday, he came to my office on Thursday and was able to bring my baby back to life. Took great care of the leather. She's GLOWING!"

Prince Clark

"They're always thorough with the detailing especially the exterior. Make my paint job just pop.if you're thinking about getting a detail go with APOGEE."

Theresa H.

“We arranged for him to come today and after Bennie did some magic to my car, my car looks flawless again.

Natasha Lobban-Malone

Quality service at a great price!! They were awesome.  They were able to accommodate my last minute request, and did a great job!!  Car looks awesome!! Would use and recommend them to everyone.